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"I worked with one writer right to 
the end...she made it so easy." 
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At CR Resume Services our mission is clear... we're here to develop high quality documents that support your career goals.

Expertly trained resume writers with 10+ years experience detailing 
folks' significant work experience impressively! 

Customized documents expertly written with work information that you provide. You work with 1 writer all the way through and have access to talk whenever you need to. We begin with a free consultation, then email an electronic invoice for processing. We'll also email a Resume Form to extract detailed content about your work experience. A draft resume is created and subjected to your requested changes, then when you're happy we finalize. 

We help you and we stop your resume from being rejected using strategic
techniques, keyword optimization, and 100% custom-work to beat ATS by reaching the decision-makers. 

Writers are available and can start on your work today

... We're Easy to answering machines; speak to a writer.
... You Work With 1 chop-shop or getting passed around. 
... No Mass-Production...highly trained pro's; 100% custom work.
... 10+ Years Resume Writing...senior writers, no copy/paste/templates.
... We're Experts...we write for all industries and professional levels.

"Absolute professionalism and even better finished product…what a breath
 of fresh air. Bravo to you…keep up the stellar work."  ... J. Bradford, CEO 
A Professional Resume Service 
We'll email  your results on the same day.
CR Resume Services
How We Work?
1)  After free consultation, e-invoice is
      emailed for processing payment. 
2)  Resume Form is emailed to extract 
      pertinent work information from you.
3)  Draft resume is provided for your 
      review and requested revisions. 
4)  You approve, Final docs are emailed.

We service all professions and industries. Specialize in Exec, Management, and Tech.

 Professional Resumes:   $149.99

 C-Level, Executives, Doctors, Business Owners, Managers, &  
 Technical  Resumes: Price varies based on scope of work - for a  
 price quote, simply upload your most recent resume in the orange 
 box above and we'll reply promptly.

 Add-on Services: 
 Cover Letter:  $49.95
 Targeted Cover Letter:  $79.95
 Job Target to your Custom Resume: Additional $79.95
 Add LinkedIn Profile:  $119.99
 LinkedIn Profile:  $149.99 
 Specific Interview follow-up Letter: $79.95
 Thank You Letter:  $49.95
 ASCII Document:  $49.95
 PDF Document:  $49.95
 Interview Consultation:  $49.95/30 min.

 Call or email us for assistance starting today.

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