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I worked with one writer right to 
the end...she made it so easy. 

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Did you know that computers read your resume first? It's why 85% of folks never hear anything back on their resumes, and it's called ATS software. 

Resumes that Work with ATS Tracking

The requirements to secure a job are becoming more and more difficult each day. Your resume being the most important document in your job search, needs to work and fast. It's why our resumes are performance-based and ATS optimized so that your skills, strengths, and talent impress and get past ATS. Don't waste months losing out on unearned income and delayed interviews that can be a painful experience. 

We've Built a Solid Reputation 

Over many years we've built a reputation for mastering the art 
of making candidates stand out. Our process is distinctive in that our writers use strategic and innovative techniques to develop custom-tailored, powerful resumes to detail your unique story and value proposition highlighting your strengths, hiding your weaknesses, and marketing you in a compelling and persuasive way to hiring managers, decision makers, and executives.

About Our Expert Resume Writers

Our writers are unique having worked in corporate America can write for all industries and professional levels. We're not like other resume services that have no exposure to the professional job market. We've written resumes, interviewed candidates, negotiated salaries, secured job offers, and hired staff. We know what employers want, and we have the skills to achieve it.
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At CR Resume Services, our mission is clear...we're here to help you. Call and speak to a writer now at (949) 390-7254.
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How We Work?
We write resumes Mon-Fri; 8am-5pm.
Resumes are created using MS Word.
We invoice using PayPal (no sign up).
We accept all major credit/debit cards.
Why Folks Prefer Us

  We're easy to reach...no answering machines; speak to a writer.
  You work with 1 writer...no chop-shop or getting passed around
★  No mass-production here...highly trained pro's; 100% custom work.
  We know our trade...senior writers, no copy/paste, no templates.
  We're experts...we write for all industries and professional levels.
"Absolute professionalism and even better finished product…what a breath of fresh air. Bravo to you…keep up the stellar work."
Your resume is the most important document in your job search.
Performance-based Resumes with Purpose.
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Specialty in Executive, Technical, Sales, Management resumes. New resumes, rewrites, updates, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, interview coaching, and other add-on services.
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